We Offer SMT and PCB Assembly in Indonesia.OEM PCB Assembly in Indonesia

Integrated ONE-STOP-SOLUTION from zero to complete finished goods

You only need to give us PCB Design and Gerber file, we will do the rest for you.

Email to info@pcbassemblyindonesia.com


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ISO Certificate Company with High Technology Multilayer PCB Assembly line, Lead-free Reflow Oven, Skillfull and Talented Professional Worker.

  • 1. Are you in electronic manufacturing production business line...?
  • 2. Are you looking for local PCB Assembly partner in Indonesia?
    3. Is your production capacity not sufficient and not productive..?
    4. Your sales target not achieve because lack of production capacity.. ?
    5. You have urgent orders but cannot catch setting up the factory.. ?
    6. Do you have production orders but don't have production line..?
    7. Are you trying hard to reduce your worker but keeping your output..?
    8. Are you headache of handling infrastructure issue (electricity, building, maintenance, etc)..?
    9. You don't have a skillfull technician to handle your production line..?
    10. Your present line too slow to fullfill your target ..?
    11. You don't know where to source your material..?
    12. Do you need to increase your local content score point/TKDN (Tingkat Komponen Dalam Negeri) for your project bidding or fulfill Government regulation?
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