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We check every single soldering point after passed thru soldering process. We makes sure your products are perfectly soldered. Never feel doubt to trust us for your OEM PCB Assembly Production.


10 SMT lines and all of them can make RoHS products
Machines can make BGA, CSP, LLP and other many special package components
High-placement precision in ball-grid array (BGA), through-hole assembly
Capacity: 4-million chips/day (two shifts)
PCB SMT machine maximum size: 330x250mm.  Upgradable with customer request to 457 x 356mm
All lines can make small products such as Set Top Box, Car Audio, Audio Video Module, Automotive panels, and many more
AOI inspection
Chip-program experience
Conformal coating


3 M/I (wave soldering) lines, all of them are for RoHS products
M/I components such as axis resistor, capacitor and diode can be performed automatically
Lead-free process capability
Fully prototype services are provided
Contract assembly service description:
ISO9000 & ISO 14000 certificates are available
Components sourcing in 3 to 10 days
Professional SMT assembly and DIP assembly
ICT and function testing provided

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No doubt, industrial manufacturing growing fast foward with steady production pace. We knew the industrial customer needs and capacity with high quality working standard, ISO Certification, experienced worker, high technology integrated production system, well-trained staff to explain and answer your production solution.

  1. Many companies doesn't have enough production capacity to overcome their needs. Many companies collect order with unpredictable forecast. Many companies doen't have production line but they have jobs orders. Many companies still rely on import to fulfill their order. Many companies get cheated of quality issue because you don't have access to consult and monitor your production....

Our service will answered all you question and problem solved !!

SMT and PCB Assembly in Indonesia are ready to serve you, and that's why we are here.... Located at bonded zone, easy access for import and export issue....

Please don't wait, contact us now and we will be happy to serve you production needs......




Flashing IC for your module. One of our high technology engine to accomplished you solution .

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